An evening out at a casino can be an entertaining and classy way to spend time with family and friends, but before going it’s essential that you understand its dress code in order to avoid being turned away or overdressed. Casino dress codes tend to be quite strict but some exceptions may exist depending on which type of casino or event is taking place.

People generally understand what “black tie” refers to in terms of casinos; however, many don’t fully grasp its definition. This level of formality is usually reserved for events such as high-dollar benefits, weddings and other fancy celebrations – typically including men wearing tuxedos while women must either wear long dresses or skirt and blouse combinations with long hemlines and blouses; men should wear either a tuxedo while women are required to wear either either long dresses or skirt and blouse combinations as well as white shirts worn over evening waistcoat or jackets (hand-folded is preferred over clipped-on), patent leather shoes; no jeans or sneakers allowed!