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Notre Dame

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The Best and Worst Way To Die

Friday, July 29, 2016 at 16:13The Best and Worst Way To Die
  • The Best and Worst Way To DieDeath is inevitable. There's not telling if it is your last day on earth. You might be having fun now and be dead 2 minutes after. Death will come no matter what. And since you can't stop yourself from dying, have you ...
Most recent responses:
  • 07/29/16 18:18: Gunshot to the head (by TigerGG)
  • 07/29/16 22:27: Die of old age (by Onyekwuluje)
  • 07/30/16 00:24: I'm terrified of drowning. (by DoughKneader)

Misty Elf

Posts: 25
Responses: 32

In Depth Self Psycho Analysis

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 13:17
  • In Depth Self Psycho AnalysisThis is a very simple test which produces an extremely profound look at your inner psyche. Just answer one simple question which has but three possible answers!By answers just: yes, no, or maybe, you'll derive deep ...
Most recent responses:
  • 07/28/16 15:14: Yes (by Renzo)
  • 07/28/16 21:04: Maybe (by TigerGG)

Top tags: test, psyche, profound, analysis.

Guru Pitka
Mariska Hargitay

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The Best Music Genre

Monday, May 09, 2016 at 04:15
Post rated 3.38
The Best Music Genre
  • The Best Music GenreMusic has many powers. It can heal broken hearts, clear clouded minds, calm restless thoughts etc. Each one of us prefer a genre of music that we enjoy and connect to, depending on our moods. We've listed the most popular ones. ...
Most recent responses:
  • 07/01/16 21:37: R&B / Soul (by bobibg)
  • 07/10/16 19:33: House Music (by bogdan4o)
  • 07/13/16 13:44: Other (by bitcoin (157335,10321))

Top tags: mind, music, restless, broken hearts, genres.


Posts: 117
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Hypno-parenting: a mum's new best friend

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 17:25
Post rated 3.00
Hypno-parenting: a mum's new best friend
  • Do you have any spoiled little brats who cause you nothing but grief? Well, don't despair, there is help at hand. Hypno-parenting is a new method that can turn naughty little devils into charming little ... angels. Lisa Machenberg is the expert that ...
Most recent responses:
  • 07/27/16 03:25: (by Catman)
  • 07/27/16 08:29: (by Old Futzamuck)

Top tags: experts, best friends, charming, despair, angel.


Posts: 117
Responses: 125

Jamie Oliver's parenting secret

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 07:17Jamie Oliver's parenting secret
  • Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef, has described his own method to deal with his own children's requests. Whenever they ask for something, they have to earn it. Like when they asked for a mini-scooter, they had to learn all the herbs, first by name, and ...

Top tags: smell, herb.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 06:13
  • don't really know what I'm doing with my life ...

Houston, Texas

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What does it mean when you sleep hugging a pillow?

Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 22:20
Post rated 4.00
  • People that sleep hug pillows are normally insecure and revert back to child hood alot. They need that feeling of belonging some where in the back of their mind so it tends to come out in their sleep I believe. They need to get past some major ...
Most recent responses:
  • 05/03/16 03:00: (by cekgubabay)
  • 07/24/16 11:53: (by Beezle Bob)
  • 07/24/16 18:56: (by ZenoTheHunter)

Top tags: mind, sleep, move on, insecure, pillow.

Libertyville, Illinois

Posts: 14
Responses: 65

Reason And Rationality: The Psychological Keys To Investing Success

Sunday, July 24, 2016 at 15:47
  • The real issue here is deceiving ourselves that we can follow in the footsteps of a great investor and become wealthy ourselves without putting forth any of the real effort. The dream of "something for nothing." Which is really a great dream until ...

Top tags: psychological, footsteps, rationality, following in footsteps, investor.

Posts: 6
Responses: 26

Cry, Cry, Wah-Wah, thread - Why? Because I said so.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at 23:30
Post rated 5.00
  • Fine Shit happens, Thanks a friggin lot!! Right?? Well, if you think that, then that's why this thread is created. Why?? Because some of us enjoy the pain of others. Others have a need to have others see, feel, or hear their pain; and finally there ...
Most recent responses:
  • 07/22/16 00:21: (by Renzo)

Top tags: cry.

Life is Beautiful.....

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IBM Watson looks into the psychology of Twitter

Saturday, September 26, 2015 at 22:08IBM Watson looks into the psychology of Twitter
  • Interesting nonetheless. I remember that back in 2001, the IBM Watson can generate your personality traits just by looking at your 200 tweets. In doing so, however, I have to ask. What are we looking for? Will the new information create a new ...
Most recent responses:
  • 01/13/16 12:45: (by Sergey Zacepin)
  • 01/13/16 15:59: (by Old Futzamuck)
  • 07/20/16 06:32: (by Catman)

Top tags: psychology, personality trait, IBM.

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